TheraTogs™ Program

TheraTogs™ Program

TheraTogs™ Program: Unique Sensory Integration Therapy Combination in Orlando


At LifeSkills we provide a TheraTogs™ Program to supply the substantial sensory neurodevelopmental benefits of this product to your kids.

What are TheraTogs?

TheraTogs are “therapy you wear.”  They are orthotic undergarments and strapping products that help individuals with sensorimotor impairment improve postural alignment and stability, movement skill and precision, joint stability and prolonged muscle stretch.  They are worn next to the skin, under clothing or over a diaper.  TheraTogs are an FDA-registered Class I medical device.

How do TheraTogs work?

The TheraTogs System provides kids the ability to learn new movement patterns and modulate their sensory system.  TheraTogs are designed to be customized by clinicians to address the unique specific musculoskeletal, postural, balance and movement issues.  The patented soft-foam material gently grips the wearer’s soft tissues to create biomechanical changes that are key to positive outcomes

What are TheraTogs recommended for?

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Hypotonia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Toe Walking
  • and other conditions

What is the LifeSkills TheraTogs Program?

Our licensed and certified therapists will determine the appropriate TheraTogs System and size for your child to help with a range of sensory/neuro/biomechanical/postural purposes.  We will observe your child with and without the TheraTogs system to determine the best support.  Then, we will fit the TheraTogs on your child and teach you (or caregivers) how to use them at home.

We treat your child while wearing the TheraTogs System twice per week for 4 weeks to help him or her to achieve the maximum movement results.  Each week, we check the straps for clinical purposes and adjust if needed.

Why do TheraTogs enable better outcomes?TheraTogs™ Baby

  • TheraTogs are Wearable Therapy – Clinicians manually correct postural or biomechanical issues for a client without force. TheraTogs prolong this gentle stretch and support.
  • Wearable Therapy Improves Compliance – Your child can wear his or her support comfortably for hours without breaking the daily routine for at-home manipulation sessions or out-of-the-classroom breaks.
  • Repetitions Change the Body – The body adapts to repetitive motions, changing muscle and bone to the patterns of posture, gait, and function over time. The wearer gains thousands of daily repetitions while in corrected alignment!
  • Improved Foundation Enables Faster Progress – Therapy progresses faster and farther when the foundations of postural and functional alignment are taken to the next level.

Are TheraTogs covered by my insurance?

You can verify with your insurance regarding coverage.  Sometimes, scholarships and grants are available.

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