Sensory Neuro-Developmental PT

Sensory Neuro-Developmental PT

Sensory Neurodevelopmental Physical Therapy Program


We are providing a very new approach for kids who have sensory neurodevelopmental problems.

There are many kids who have sensory issues but also some problems with motor skills, balance, coordination, tone, etc.  There are many kids who have Cerebral Palsy or similar neurodevelopmental conditions or coordination disorders—like toe walkers—but may also have sensory issues.  In addition, some kids exhibit atypical development but remain undiagnosed—their condition unexplained.

It is not easy to separate sensory and neurodevelopmental issues.  They are like the two wheels of a bicycle, which function independently, yet are attached to each other and affect each other.  As a parent, you can help identify many of the underlying aspects stemming from each.

We look at your child from both occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) perspectives.

This program focuses on reducing atypical development and giving your child the opportunity to learn new patterns and ways of doing things for better outcomes.

Another purpose of this program is to help you achieve a better, deeper understanding of your child from both sensory and neurodevelopmental perspectives, which yields more effective results.

We can provide this program through a 2-week intensive program (2 hours per day) or a regular weekly schedule.

Please give us a call for more information: 407-629-9455