Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening® Intensive Program Enhances Sensory Integration Therapy

The Therapeutic Listening® Intensive Program is designed to implement the use of sound as a part of a sensory integration therapy program.  The program uses Therapeutic Listening as a tool during intensive sessions and instructs participants on how to continue the use of sound-based intervention outside of therapy sessions.  Monitoring of the program will be required either through the transition to a weekly therapy program or through intermittent follow-up appointments.

The book Listening with the Whole Body: Clinical Concepts and Treatment Guidelines for Therapeutic Listening says: “Listening is a whole-brain, whole-body experience that connects us to the world outside of ourselves, and is the most basic precursor to interaction, speaking, reading, and writing.  Listening relates closely to arousal, attention, focus, vigilance, and concentration, and it helps us to modulate and integrate sensation.”

Therapeutic Listening is reported to lead to improvements with sensory modulation, posture, movement, spatial awareness, motor-planning and communication.

This program includes an effective combination of sensory integration therapy and therapeutic listening.

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