Sensory Integration Therapy Reviews from Happy Parents

“My eleven year old has become aware of his surroundings, able to calm himself when he needs to, has connected emotionally, etc. I could go on and on about the relief and joy our family is experiencing after suffering misdiagnosis and confusion for seven years! The staff has been very supportive, informative, and open. We are very grateful!”

“My daughter was beginning to display a negative attitude about school and learning… As proof of the remarkable achievement of LifeSkills, myself, and of course my daughter’s hard work, she made the Principal’s List (which means more A’s than B’s in all subjects and also outstanding citizenship behavior).”

I owe my son’s high self-confidence and self-esteem to LifeSkills’ tremendous therapy program. Before LifeSkills, he thought he was a loser and had no friends. After therapy he ‘found himself’ and is quite accepted socially by his peers.”

“The thorough testing that was done by the LifeSkills therapist was extremely informative – and encouraging! So many of my sons’ problems could be helped. Now, one and a half years later, we see a boy who is  stronger (physically and mentally), more coordinated, more in control of his body and behavior!

“My two year old can eat many foods now…what a new and wonderful experience for her!”