Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy

Occupational Therapy for Sensory Integration Focuses on Retraining the Brain

LifeSkills, centrally located in Winter Park, Florida, has devoted its entire practice to helping children like yours overcome their challenges, live happy productive lives, and successfully participate in the normal activities of life.

We’ve helped thousands, and we can help you!

Be prepared

We’re definitely not your ordinary Sensory Processing Disorder therapists. Since 1993, LifeSkills has been the leader in developing sensory techniques and helping children overcome sensory challenges. People from all over the world come to our pediatric therapy center in Winter Park, Florida, because they know their child will receive cutting-edge treatment after an accurate identification of the “behaviors”.

As a parent, you see your child’s pain and frustration.  You know he’s struggling. That’s what life with Sensory Processing Disorder is – a constant struggle.  Imagine being in a body that won’t do what you want it to do, especially when you’re trying as hard as you can to do the right thing.

As a child, you know you are good.  You know right from wrong and you want so much to please your mom and dad and the teacher. Instead, you end up irritating other people. Your body just won’t obey.

Many of our clients tell us that we’re the first people who are able to fully understand what they’re going through.  Parents express relief at finding someone who is able to explain what’s happening and someone who doesn’t run away from, but rather embraces, their son or daughter.

As a child with SPD, you never feel calm and peaceful inside.  You’re always on edge — hypersensitive  or overloading or hyperactive — or all of those!

Why do certain noises bother you when they don’t seem to bother others? 

 How come other kids can wear socks and the very sight of yours make you run in terror? 

Combine this with the fact that adults keep telling you that you’re very smart.  How can I be smart and not be able to do the things other kids do?

There’s only one conclusion you come to:  “Since I am smart (because they tell me I am), I should be able to control my behavior and be better.  Since I cannot, I must be bad.  I am a bad child and this is my fault.”

We understand what your child is going through and we know it’s not his fault.  It is not caused by poor behavior or a desire on your child’s part to be bad.  The cause of his struggle is neurologically based.  Simply put:  Your child cannot control himself, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much he is yelled at, and no matter what behavior consequences are put in place. The stress, frequent failing, and confusion, combined with a body that is struggling, are devastating for your child and for you.

A child with SPD CAN be helped.

Our skilled OT’s use a variety of non-invasive therapy interventions, actually retrain the brain to get back on track and function properly.

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