Intensive Programs

Intensive Programs

Intensive Sensory Integration Therapy Orlando: Maximum Results in the Shortest Time


Maximum Results Make This Therapy Approach Perfect for Helping Children Both In School and At Home

This intensive treatment program is ideal for children struggling with motor, sensory, attention, language, and related problems who need an extra academic boost to better succeed at school.  It’s perfect for parents who want maximum results in the shortest amount of time.  Come to our clinic in Winter Park for a minimum of two weeks /10 hours per week.

Kids come for two to four hours per day for two to four weeks and build up a momentum of learning that can produce dramatic results.  As a result, children who are struggling in school are given a greater opportunity to be better prepared for the academic day.

Some results can include:

  • Improved behavior
  • Greater ability to stay focused and pay attention
  • Improved ability to work independently
  • Fewer meltdowns
  • Improved social skills
  • Greater sense of calm, less anxiety
  • Increased ability to retain academic information

This focused schedule allows your child and therapist to accelerate learning and integration in a way not possible with standard treatment. As a result, the therapy has a greater impact on the child with a higher rate of success sooner than traditional treatment.

Who Qualifies For an Intensive?

Any child exhibiting problems with attention, language skills, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, ADHD, behavior problems, overload, or other difficulty that may be associated with sensory/motor integration is a candidate.  Our trained therapists will conduct an assessment to see if your child would likely benefit from the program.

What Parents Say about LifeSkills Intensives:

“Our 3-year old daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and when we brought her to LifeSkills, she didn’t speak a single word, not even “Mom” or “Dad”. One week into this intensive therapy, she made eye contact and started talking a few words. By the end of the LifeSkills’ 3-week program, she learned how to respond to different situations and ask for the things she wants. And most important of all … she called us “Mommy” and “Daddy”!
(A.G.A. – Puerto Rico and Africa)

“I am the mother of a six-year old boy and I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for Sandy Wainman for her impeccable work during the four-week short-term intensive done at LifeSkills. I appreciate her sensitivity and for teaching our family, with her ample knowledge, how to make basic adjustments as a family to our daily routines. We can see drastic and fundamental changes in the development and behavior of our child! Thanks to Sandy, today I have the opportunity to see my son as someone who will shine for himself and for others.”
(M.R.M. – Colombia, South America)

“To Sandy and the LifeSkills Team,
Thank you for all your efforts to help our son excel in life. I am attaching his grades for his first semester of Second Grade. He is in the regular stream of one of the top (most challenging) schools in Puerto Rico and he is one of the top students in his class! He could not have done this without all your help and effort. Thank you very much. I hope this helps motivate and provide hope to other parents going through the same process we went through!
(B.C.C. – Puerto Rico)

LifeSkills has helped my son in many respects! His muscle tone, ability to focus, and strength have all increased. He has learned strategies (as have his family) to help get to “just right”. He feels better about himself and his abilities. We understand his needs better now and have been better able to work with his teachers.”