Top 50 Laravel Interview Questions 2023

Vapor takes care of the underlying server management, scaling, and deployment, allowing you to focus on building your application’s features and functionality. Laravel Vapor integrates seamlessly with popular AWS services, such as RDS, S3, and SQS, to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for supporting Laravel applications. When the dd() function is called, it will dump the array’s content and stop the script from executing any further. This function can also be used within Blade templates or controller methods for debugging during the application development process.

When this route is accessed, the index() method of the HelloController will be executed. In Laravel, web and API routes are used to differentiate between routes that are meant for serving HTML pages and those that are meant for serving data in JSON format. If the value passes the test, it will return true, else it will return false. This route definition maps the root URL (/) to a closure that returns a view called welcome. When a user accesses the root URL, Laravel will execute this closure and return the welcome view.

Q41. Explain the concept of Laravel Scout and its purpose.

The app/Jobs directory in Laravel is used to store job classes that are used with Laravel’s queue system. Jobs are classes that define a unit of work that needs to be performed asynchronously in the background, such as sending an email or processing a file. The app/Exceptions/Handler.php file is an important file in Laravel that handles exceptions that occur in the application. When an exception occurs, Laravel will call the report method in the Handler.php file to log the exception.

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  • In this example, we’re storing a file in the uploads directory within the storage directory using the store method.
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  • The Active Record pattern is a design pattern where a database record is wrapped inside a class, and methods on the class directly affect the corresponding database record.
  • Middleware in Laravel provides a mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.
  • In this example, the fullName() method of the UserPresenter is called on the User model instance using the present() method.

Rate limiting helps Laravel developers to develop a secure application and prevent DOS attacks. Validations are an important concept while designing any Laravel application. It ensures that the data is always in an expected format before it stores into the database.

Q31. Explain the concept of dependency injection in Laravel.

Laravel Forge is a server management and deployment platform that automates the configuration of servers, allowing for easy deployment of Laravel applications. It supports popular cloud providers like AWS, DigitalOcean, and Linode. Laravel’s cache system provides a unified API for various caching systems. It can be used to store data that is expensive to process or query, and retrieve it faster in subsequent requests. The php artisan serve command is used to quickly start the Laravel development server. It allows you to serve your Laravel application locally without the need for a full web server configuration.

php laravel developer interview questions

To use caching in Laravel, we first specify the cache driver in the config/cache.php file. We can then use the cache() helper function to store and retrieve data from the cache. To use events and listeners in Laravel, we first define the event and the data that it will contain.

What are requests in Laravel?

While Eloquent ORM focuses on object-oriented models and relationships, Query Builder operates at a lower level, dealing directly with SQL queries. Php artisan down puts the application into maintenance mode, while php artisan up brings it back online. During maintenance mode, a custom view will be displayed for all requests into the application. As the name suggests, middleware works as a middleman between request and response. For example, Laravel consists of middleware which verifies whether the user of the application is authenticated or not. If a user is authenticated and trying to access the dashboard then, the middleware will redirect that user to home page; otherwise, a user will be redirected to the login page.

php laravel developer interview questions

It allows you to build SQL queries using chainable methods and parameter binding, making it easy to interact with the database. The Laravel Service Container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection. It’s essentially a box which contains and manages ‘services’ for your application.

Explain the concept of encryption and decryption in Laravel.

It comes with the release version of 5.4, extracted in a separate package. Make sure to include a hidden CSRF token field in the form so that the middleware will check for the field and validate it. VerifyCsrfToken middleware is included within the web middleware group. You can use the @csrf blade directive for generating the token field on your application’s form. Laravel comes with a framework called Lumen built on top of the Laravel components, making it a perfect option for creating a Laravel based microservices application.

php laravel developer interview questions

It provides a simple way to authenticate users and generate API tokens. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing database records, and includes features such as resource management, actions, filters, lenses, and more. You can define connections in the config/database.php file and use the connection() method on the DB facade to work with a specific connection. Laravel’s Query Builder provides a simple, fluent interface to creating and running database queries.

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Laravel is perhaps the best open-source PHP web application framework and is very well-documented, expressive, and easy-to-learn. As a developer grows, they can go deeper into Laravel’s functionalities and give more robust enterprise solutions. The framework is also very scalable, as you can use tools like Vapor to use AWS serverless technology to handle millions of requests. Naturally, in this article, we will walk you through Laravel interview questions to help you in your next interview. If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers, too, these questions can be a great reference for tests. The service container in Laravel is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection.

php laravel developer interview questions

Contracts are a set of interfaces in the Laravel framework providing core services. When they are written in Laravel, they include corresponding framework implementations. Laravel is a widely popular open-source PHP web application framework. It runs under the MIT license and was originally intended for web application development using the MVC architectural pattern.