Brand new unanticipated chances of repopulating the atmosphere temples in one otherwise one or two years quickly became an actuality

The new temples had been totally restored, and you may Aang along with mainly based a fifth air forehead throughout the newly founded United Republic from Places, and therefore came into this world known as Sky Temple Area. Tenzin, which turned the atmosphere Country’s representative into the United Republic Council, concerned alive into the isle together with his spouse, Pema, in addition to their five people, around three off whom are understood airbenders.

Resurgence out of a country [ ]

In 171 AG, the power move caused by Harmonic Convergence lead to multiple nonbenders obtaining airbending efficiency, expanding the country populace out of airbenders not in the bloodline regarding Avatar Aang and you will accelerating brand new reformation of the country because of the years. This encouraged Tenzin and you may Avatar Korra to travel the nation to help you generate volunteers are trained in the ways of your Heavens Nomads. So it turned out to be a daunting task, as most of their brand new candidates refuted the idea of making their family and you can economic assets trailing, and also in spite of the newfound show did not look for themselves as Heavens Nomads otherwise monks. But not, Tenzin and you will Korra after that receive a group of airbenders grabbed because of the Earth Queen Hou-Ting, who was conscripting Environment Empire airbenders from Ba Sing Se towards the their own army to make a primary Airbending Regiment. New airbenders was in fact rescued and when considering the solution to getting relocated someplace safe or sign-up Tenzin at the North Heavens Forehead to live in tranquility and you may teach since the Air Nomads, they all decided to teach around his tutelage. Yet not, the 2 sides think it is difficult to find a heart crushed on account of Tenzin’s hopes of the new volunteers getting just like the existing Heavens Nomads. At some point, both parties generated amends following the a good bison rustler attack and you may started again studies.

After the insurrection of one’s Purple Lotus together with incapacitation regarding Avatar Korra, the Heavens Country returned to its nomadic root, however,, in lieu of its predecessors’ reclusive character, they instead devoted by themselves so you can bringing comfort and you can harmony into the business. From the 174 AG, the nation’s society got grown, much more the fresh new airbenders, as well as specific regarding Flames Nation, concerned teach regarding ways into the Heavens Forehead Island. The atmosphere Country entered the battle against Kuvira whenever she invaded the Joined Republic and you will put spend to help you Republic Urban area. After the Kuvira’s arrest, the fresh new airbenders entered new recovery efforts toward abandoned evacuees on new evacuation go camping when you are another type of classification gathered inside the the latest soul portal so you can meditate and later protect they facing intruders.