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  LifeSkills Teletherapy Program Including Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Introduction LifeSkills was founded in 1993 and has been...

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A treatment strategy used to help organize motor and sensory input.


“There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for the services that Life Skills Center has offered for our son! During this difficult pandemic time, Life Skills offered Teletherapy to make sure that my son still received his therapy. My son is a sensory seeker, so his therapy sessions typically include LOTS of movement. My son’s therapist went above and beyond to be creative with different approaches to keep my son engaged and to fulfill his sensory seeking needs during the Teletherapy sessions. While this format was not ideal for my sensory seeking son on a weekly basis, it did work as an alternative until we could get back to the therapy room safely. The teletherapy sessions allowed for my son to continue towards his goals and lessen the chances for regression. Most importantly, our son adores his therapist and genuinely enjoyed every minute spent with him.” - Wendi Seeman

“We could not be more pleased with the way Life Skills met the current challenges we are all facing with the pandemic. The LS team quickly pivoted and met the challenge head on, ensuring the children and families served continued to have their needs met in an engaging and helpful way. We quickly embraced the idea of Telehealth services offered by LS with Cole’s therapist, Mr. Adam. And though nothing fully replaces one on one sessions in person with Mr. Adam, the telehealth sessions have been extremely engaging, helpful and informative. Cole looks forward to his time online with Mr. Adam. And as his parent, I have been grateful to be able to observe some of Mr. Adams techniques and have the time to be able to discuss any concerns or questions. I am also able to implement anything we discuss right away.

We have found them so helpful that we would consider doing a part time Telehealth, part time In-person plan going forward, especially on those days where getting to the office may prove challenging. Thank you, Life Skills!” - KC Hendrickson

“We had a very pleasant experience with our teletherapy sessions with Adam. At first I was skeptical since I didn’t know how my child would respond and it is a big investment for us, but I was pleasantly surprised with how everything worked. Adam was always very prepared for the session and used tools that he knew my son would like based on his interests.

I would definitely recommend LifeSkills overall. Everyone in the office is very nice and professional. We have nothing but great things to say about LifeSkills and the improvement we have seen in our child since starting our sessions six months ago.” - Alexandra McNicol

“Dear LifeSkills, Matthew has been attending LifeSkills for many years. After just one week of missed lessons, we see an obvious difference. For this reason, we were thrilled when we learned they were going to offer teletherapy options. These are ideal when, due to medical issues, he cannot attend LifeSkills in person. Matthew gets so excited to see Adam on Zoom! Of course, it is always the best to come into the center, but teletherapy is a great option when that's not possible.” - Tammy Saul

“My son is 13 years old. We drive an hour each way to go to LifeSkills for the past 5 years. They have been amazing with helping my son with his sensory and motor planning issues. When the pandemic hit and all his routines were gone, LifeSkills was still there for us. We would see his therapist through teletherapy. Adam kept the sessions engaging, fun, and followed the routine as closely as possible. These video sessions helped my son have some normalcy during a very difficult time for him. I also learned some techniques to help him calm down during the teletherapy. From our experience, I would highly recommend the teletherapy program.” - Tricia Carnovali

“During a time where face-to-face therapy has not been possible, teletherapy has been a lifesaver. Liam has been able to continue making progress on his goals and stay in a state where he is capable of self-regulation, through a very hard season on all of us. He looks forward to his Tele therapy sessions and I have been so impressed with the way Adam has creatively used things we have at home to treat him and keep the session’s fun and engaging. We are very thankful for the opportunity LifeSkills offered us by providing Teletherapy.”

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