Significant Results with our Sensory-Based Approach to Speech/Language Therapy

Speech and Language services are now provided through referrals to affiliated therapists at their own sites, in or near Winter Park.  Please inquire to receive names and contact information…


  • Increased awareness, strength and movement of oral structures for sucking, swallowing, chewing, and articulation
  • Decreased drooling
  • Improved feeding
  • Tolerance of an increased variety of foods

 Common Speech and Language Disorders Helped With Sensory Intervention Therapy

Lack of desire to communicate/poor eye contact – reflecting overload

Stuttering – the most commonly recognized speech problem.

Articulation disorders – difficulty making sounds correctly as a result of stroke, injury or illness.

Language disorders – difficulty understanding spoken language or communicating thoughts, feelings or experiences.

Voice disorders – speaking too high or too low, too loud or not loud enough; also quality of voice (such as harsh, hoarse, breathy or nasal).

Cognitive communication disorders – difficulty thinking clearly, often the result of head injury or stroke.

Swallowing disorders – difficulty swallowing, usually occurring as a result of illness, surgery, stroke or injury.

Oral-Motor Therapy

LifeSkills offers a strong Oral-Motor program with a high degree of knowledge about children who struggle with in-mouth hypersensitivity.  Our highly trained speech and language therapists use multiple approaches, combining techniques that build tone, strength, coordination, and oral awareness, while making the intervention pleasurable.

Oral-motor disorders – difficulty with strength, coordination, movement of the oral structures (i.e. lips, cheeks, jaw, tongue, soft palate) necessary for eating and/or speech production.

Common Problems:

  • Failure to thrive
  • Need for Tube feeding
  • Sucking/feeding difficulties
  • Those who drool
  • Poor articulation
  • Appearance of behavior problems

Parent Testimonials…

LifeSkills (speech and language therapy) is so calming to our daughter. We brought her to speech therapy for six months up in Connecticut and she cried and cried. Since we’ve been at LifeSkills, she is talking in full sentences… and she hates to leave!”

“When we brought our son to you, he had very low muscle tone and was always drooling. His oral motor skills have improved tremendously. He has made such strides with his Sensory Integration. I would like to thank your wonderful staff.”