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The “Just Right” Chart… An Instant Reference Tool That Shows You At-A-Glance How to Help Your Child Find His Perfect Place of Balance

"Just Right" ChartGreat for the classroom and at home!

This chart gives practical, easy tips on bringing each child to the “just right” middle! It is at “just right” that a child makes eye contact, can focus, listen and learn!  What you see and what you can do! This easy, attractive, fun, and inexpensive reference chart is 16 x 22 and durable for wall mounting.

$14.98 for single copies, $12.95 for multiple copies. (Prices include tax and shipping.)

Place your order by calling (407) 629-9455 or fax at (407) 629-9138.

School Readiness DVD… to improve the academic success of children with behavioral, social and academic challenges

Pre-K and Kindergarten classes can easily be set up for children to learn to sit, and focus!  This DVD models a class and tells how to do it simply!  Based on an O.T.’s ability to explain the why and how — this recording is well-worth a 2-hour Teacher-Training time.

Classroom Goals

  • Use scissors/utensilsSchool Readiness DVD
  • Begin reading skills

Behavioral Goals

  • Make eye contact
  • Cooperate with others
  • Learn to take turns
  • Adapt to class stimuli

Physical Goals

  • Improve coordination
  • Focus on tasks longer

$29.95 for single copies, $24.98 for multiple copies. (Prices include tax and shipping.)

You can order DVD’s by phone, call (407) 629-9455 or fax at (407) 629-9138.