Digital Auditory Aerobics (DAA)

DAA is a version of Auditory Integration Training offered at LifeSkills. It is a form of intensive, non-invasive treatment for those who suffer from hearing sensitivity, distortions in hearing, auditory comprehension and/or sensory integration dysfunction.  This treatment can improve many aspects of normal everyday life, especially behavior, sensitivity to noises in the home, social interaction, speech and language development and learning.

Who can benefit from DAA therapy?

Children Who:

  • Have a history of ear infections
  • Do not pay attention to verbal instructions
  • Are easily distracted by background noises
  • Have difficulty with phonics
  • Learn poorly through the auditory channel
  • Have a diagnosed language problem
  • Have slow response time to verbal stimuli
  • Cover their ears to avoid sounds
  • Frequently give odd or inappropriate responses in conversation
  • Hear sounds such as airplanes, etc. before anyone else does
  • Avoid eye contact

Selected Comments From Parents and Clients After Completing the DAA Program:

He has a more appropriate use of language – longer sentences and phrases.

He has more appropriate responses – he responds to all questions instead of just some.

She now allows the radio to be played in the car.

She is more focused, better attention, better concentration; better eye contact.

She is more verbal; vocabulary has improved.

There is less humming and aimless wandering.

How Much Time Does The Program Take And When Is It Scheduled?

The Digital Auditory Aerobics program consists of an initial and a midpoint hearing test (audiogram) and twenty 30-minute training sessions over two consecutive 5-day periods.  Two half hour sessions are scheduled each day. A minimum of three hours must separate the half hour sessions.

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